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Sharp XE-A107W

Sharp XE-A107W
Brand: Sharp
Product Code: Sharp XE-A107W
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 1,900,000
Ex Tax: Rp. 1,900,000
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Mesin Kasir Sharp XE-A107W

Sharp XE-A107W mesin kasir yang sangat cocok untuk pemilik usaha kecil. Dilengkpai dengan fitur-fitur yang mudah digunakan seperti tempat penyimpanan uang dan kunci yang bisa dilepas, Dan sangat Mudah Untuk Pengoperasianya,

  • Departments : 8
  • Price Look Ups : 80
  • Number of Clerk ID's : 4
  • Coin Compartments : 5
  • Bill Compartments : 4
  • Battery Backup : 3 AA
  • Number of Tax Rates : 4
  • Locking Drawer : Yes
  • Computer Connectivity : No
  • Direct Credit Card Terminal Link : No
  • Receipt Logo Generator : No
  • Separate Receipt/Journal Printers : No
  • Clerk Display Size    
  • Operator Display Digits : 8, 7-segments
  • Operator Display Lines : 1
  • Customer Display : No
  • Printer : Serial (Impact)
  • Print Speed : 1.4 LPS
  • Barcode Scanner : No
  • Quickbooks Link : No
  • Drop In Loading : Yes
  • Cloning for Multiple Machines : No
  • SD Card Backup/Transfer : No
  • Removable Key Tops Covers : Yes
  • Terminal Language Selection : English
  • Manual Languages : English/Spanish

Standard Features:

·         Flash X Reporting

·         Battery Memory Protection

·         Bill / Coin compartment configuration (3 note / 6 coin)

·         Small footprint

·         Secret Code control of Z reset and Programming jobs.


Flash  X Reporting
By simply selecting the Flash mode and pressing one key, the store manager can get a quick look at the day's sales. The Flash report can quickly display sales totals by department or for the whole store, as well as the cash in drawer amount.


4 Tax rates
The Tax function enables instant, accurate tax calculation. A pre-programmed Tax rate is recalled for each item, and calculation is automatically performed. Manual Tax is also available for specific tax calculations.*
*Please consult your dealer about type of Tax transaction.

Battery Backup for memory protection
The data in the XE-A107WH can be preserved, even if a power failure occurs [when equipped with three optional "AA" batteries]

Other Features

·         Received-on-account/paid-out functions.

·         Three void functions: Last item void, past item void and void mode.

·         Easy handling of combined payments of cash, cheque and charge.

·         Non-add code entry (max. 8 digits).

·         Percent discount/ premium.

·         Time and Date display.

·         Easy and quick programming

Optional Supplies and Accessories

·         Ink roller   - IR40 (generic) ink roller

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